Options after B.tech Degree

There are several options one can choose from, after completing the B.tech degreeprogramme.Some of the major options available today are M.tech,MBA,etc.One can choose his/her career depending on his/her tastes and abilities. The following article would certainly help you in making an appropriate decision.

1.M.TECH– You can do M.tech after the bachelor degree but only a few opt for the same.Frankly speaking, M.tech is really tough to qualify as one has to overcome the GATE hurdle which is one of the most challenging examination in India. Moreover, companies in India do not consider a Master Degree as a necessary requirement. So go for M.Tech only if you want to enter the teaching profession or do research work.

2.MBA – One can opt for this course this course after doing B.Tech if he/she desires to start a firm of their own. B.Tech with MBA is given a higher priority for recruitments abroad. This gives one with an advantage of a Master+ Bachelor certificate, which adds on to the credit. Hence, if you are searching for a higher degree apart from M.Tech give a green to MBA and do remember that MBA done abroad has a higher weightage than one done in India.

3.Get Placed in a Company—Graduates more often try to get into a reputed firm after the course period. Lots of companies rush into the campuses in search of intelligent brains even before the end of course. One must have a GPA of atleast 7.0 to get into a company which really pays. Never jump into agreement with a firm without perceiving the world around; do make sure that you have got the best you can (which suites your taste and which can pay you for a life you dreamt of).

4.Civil Service- A few people go for Civil Service either through IAS or equivalent examination but i would rather pronounce it as foolishness since Civil Service is never a target for B.Tech graduates.
Some may say that B.tech has degraded to just a normal degree program rather than a professional one,I would command that engineering hasn't lost its essence and flavor as a professional one.There are huge opportunities in the sector even after the economic crisis , moreover only a few Indian industries have been affected by it.So if you are B.tech student confused about your future , I would say it is rather safe as long as you are someone with a seven point something or greater.You can have B.tech model papers and old university questions right here to help you built a strong foundation .Do check out the following address for question papers :-
All the best for a bright and healthy future and dont forget that you can always live you Dreams!

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